Senior Visual Designer

Seattle, Washington, United States · Design


As a Senior Visual Designer at This Place, you’ll be designing digital experiences and products for global brands, from conception through final design. You’ll work closely with interaction and communication designers, strategists, developers and project managers to deliver compelling, user-centered design solutions.

Visual Designers at This Place are more than just craftspeople, but are professionals who think about the role that visual design plays in telling stories, and bring both skill and personal perspective to what they create. We look for designers who see digital as one facet of a larger design discipline, and are knowledgable about other forms of visual communication, including fine art, graphic and industrial design, information graphics, animation and photography.

Designers at This Place work equally well independently, or as part of a team. They excel at visual design, but are also proficient interaction designers and strategic thinkers.


At This Place, we look for people who are smart, curious, humble and fun. We'll have in common a strong empathy for the human condition, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirits. We work best with people who are passionate about design in its many forms, and who aren’t afraid to challenge convention in pursuit of best-in-class solutions.


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